The name ‘Wall Brooch’ is a reference to a piece of jewellery that’s fastened to a garment, much in the same way that you would hang a picture or fixture on a wall. The adoration, elegance and old charm of a brooch was the basis of the design, resulting in a coat rack, an object with the simplest of functions, that’s also beautiful, dreamlike and romantic whilst maintaining an effortless appeal.


The design draws further inspiration in a response to the baroque / rococo style of European art and architecture. Through the re-interpretation of classic forms and styles, ‘Wall Brooch’ fits both suitably on the wall of a room filled with antique collectables, as equally as stark modern open living spaces.


With a romantic allure, the design uses repetition, exaggeration and balance to create a strong but simple form, with warmth and feeling, combining design elements resulting in a very contemporary, yet classic feel.


It was conceived as ornamentation for the interior, with functional purpose beyond aesthetics.