woodland light




Designed for both domestic and commercial interiors, ‘woodlands’ function goes beyond that of simply being a source of light. Whilst the soft glow enhances ambience and mood, the aesthetic appeal challenges people to look twice, and rethink how they view everyday (familiar) objects. The angular lines form new dimensions and movement within the otherwise static environment of a room (which generally consists primarily of horizontal and vertical lines).


By combining the traditional form of a lampshade, design elements such as tension and repetition create the appearance as though the lights are falling away from one another, yet they remain totally stable. It is this illusion formed by the innovative base structure, combined with traditional forms, which gives ‘woodland’ a feeling and personality all of its own. A cluster of trees in the forest was the idea behind the ‘woodland light’. The angles and formation are reminiscent of looking up from the forest floor (with distorted perspective) at light passing through the top of the canopy.


The design further draws inspiration from traditional lamp construction and design. Although consisting of the customary shade and base combination, ‘woodland’ is far removed from the usual image of what a lampshade should look like. ‘Woodland’ re-interprets this highly familiar form, breaking away from the traditional stigma, combining design elements to form a very contemporary, yet classic feel.